Tips for entertaining the kids!

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Trucos entretener niños este verano

Make this children’s intensive day truly intensive. 

June is here and with it comes the intensive day in schools. The little ones will return home earlier, along with their not-so-little energy. So now all the mums, dads, grandmas and grandpas will have the same question on their minds. “How will I entertain them all afternoon after school?”

This question is much more important than it seems because there is a danger that children will only want to watch TV or use their tablets or mobile phones, and preventing this is necessary to avoid physical inactivity and childhood obesity. Therefore, at Velarte we would like to propose some activities for children to enjoy both at home and outdoors, to take advantage of the good weather.

Games to enjoy at home:

 Arts and crafts: Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body, and arts and crafts are a perfect activity for cognitive development as they require concentration and attention while also being fun. Furthermore, obtaining a result from something you have made yourself is very motivating and satisfying for the little ones. And with the nice hot weather we have right now they can make their own fans and much more!

Yoga Yoga is very beneficial for parents and children. You can find different classes online that are suitable for children, and the best thing is that you can practice it together. Yoga provides multiple benefits for children, such as increasing flexibility, coordination and balance, promoting harmony and self-esteem, channeling energy, creating healthy habits, stimulating self-control and encouraging self-awareness.

Home theatre: Making sock puppets is a very creative and fun activity that can be done at home, using items that everyone should have around the house. You will need socks, woollen yarn, buttons and a needle and thread. Sew the pieces of wool to the sock to make the puppet’s hair and use the buttons to make its eyes. The mouth can be drawn on with any coloured marker. The imagination of you and your children need have no limits, so you can decorate your puppets however you like and create thousands of stories.

Outdoor activities:

Bike ride: Most cities are already set up so that children and toddlers can cycle safely and enjoy a great afternoon in parks and green spaces, enjoying both nature and physical activity.

Go swimming: If you don’t live in a coastal city you can go to a public swimming pool where children and adults can have fun and cool off. Many pools also provide activities with staff to keep an eye on the younger children, so they can exercise and make new friends.

Go and play in the park:The great thing about going to the park with the kids is playing with them and enjoying that feeling of being a child again. With games like hopscotch, hide-and-seek and playing on the swings, you can play with the little ones and be part of their fun.

And what neither adults nor children must forget to do during the afternoons this June is to have a snack. Whether outdoors or at home, Velarte rosquilletas can always help you to savour the best moments of every day. Some picnic rosquilletas for the little ones and your favourites for you. And enjoy every afternoon full of energy!