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The seed – 1969

Thanks, Grandpa

It all began in a small local bakery, where after learning from his grandfather the secrets of making the best homemade donuts, Enrique Velarte founded Productos Velarte and our story officially began.

Growth – 1999

The perfect place to grow

It was a key year for the company, which began with the move to our new factory in Catarroja. This allowed us to increase our production capacity and introduce our eagerness to do things the right way and to continue growing.

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Consolidation – Starting in 2000

Reaching our dream

We started off the new millennium by updating our logo and carrying out a technological revolution that would allow us to transform all our processes. From here, we consolidated ourselves and began to see how changes, new launches and success occur.

  • 2001


    Velarte Technological Revolution

    We jumped into the wave of technological developments , investing around 600,000 euros to renovate all systems and thus achieve unprecedented productive improvements in the company.


  • 2003


    Velartes change its appearance

    We piloted a restyling of our brand image and packaging of all our products. Product quality has to be communicated from the pack that consumer will get.


  • 2004


    Keep growing

    In 2004 Velarte facilities reach a surface area of 6000 m2 .


  • 2005


    Top quality standards

    That year we get the Certificate ISO 9001/2000 , according with the launch of which later will become one of our most famous products: Artesanas Velarte


  • 2006


    Doubling efforts

    The growing demand for Artesanas Velarte impulse us to launch a new and modern production line with which doubled over the production capacity of the company


  • 2008


    International Recognitions

    In 2008 we get the IFS and BRC certificates, high standard international recognitions that guarantee our food security systems.

  • 2009


    We update the logo with our pet “Farineti”

    We gave the logo a new look and personified it with the pet “Farineti. A sack of flour that represented the main material of our products

  • 2009


    Crossing Borders

    These years represent the consolidation of export at Europe in Velarte; Germany, Italy, Portugal or France among other countries outside Europe.

  • 2011


    Prize for Research and Technological Development in the Agrifood field

    We received the prize for “Research and technological development in the agri-food field” granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Valencian Community.

  • 2014


    Best baked snack product award

    Our range of mini snacks: the Iberian flavor bo.kditos are awarded as the best baked snack product.

  • 2015


    Launch of SNACKIUM

    The most premium range goes on the market for the most exquisite palates. A family of seven flavors made with gourmet ingredients: Quinoa, Chia and nuts, Ibiza salt and pepper, Pipas, Veggie and Algae.

  • 2015


    Innovative SME Seal

    The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness grants us the innovative SME seal.

  • 2017


    Snackium, product of the year.

    The Snackium range is named, product of the year. The only national competition in which consumers choose the most innovative products of the year in large consumption.

  • 2019


    Launch of Velarte NATUR family

    Mini spelled sticks with seeds complying with the regulations established by the NAOS Strategy, and Bio, developing a 100% Organic product.

  • 2020

    Logo Halal

    We obtain the Halal certificate

    We obtain the Halal certificate. Allow the Muslim community to consume our products.

  • 2020


    Ecommerce launch.

    Despite being a year of uncertainty, we embarked on the project of launching an online store with the aim of Strengthening and consolidating closeness with the consumer and facilitating the purchase of our products in strategic areas for the brand.

  • 2020


    Accesit Training and Employment 2020

    We are awarded the Accesit Training and Employment 2020 award in the SME contest of the year 2020.

  • 2021

    the good taste english Velarte

    We launched our brand repositioning.

    Since 1969 baking and making oven snacks that taste good, crossing borders and reaching more than eight countries.